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Blogging Again- Waking from the Covid Nap!

                 Rickshaw Driver Naps

2020 Writer’s Report #1

My friends, this rickshaw driver has been taking a long nap!   I put my blog into temporary suspension since I returned from India in Feb 2020 and COVID HIT.  We’ve all been in an alternative reality since then, yes?  What a mess.

Welcome to new followers- and Hello again to my followers who joined me in 2019!  

But life is returning to some “new normal” and since you last heard from me, I’ve made good progress on my novel.  I’m ready to resume news of India and share my journey towards publishing a novel set in Tamilnadu!  

My latest DRAFT title:  (It’s hard to come up with a good title!) 

Woman, Caste, Queer  

Here’s my writer’s report.  This rickshaw driver has been writing a novel, just not writing a blog!  

  • I will soon submit my manuscript to Sandra Scofield, an experienced editor and writer, for a manuscript evaluation.  She tells me she will give me an overall review of the big picture, with feedback on characterization, plot, and structure.   I am delighted to learn that Sandra  edited “The Henna Artist” by Alka Joshi, a 2020 book set in Jaipur, India, which has received good reviews and will soon be made into a Netflix movie! Sandra is not an agent or publisher, but perhaps she will be able to support my efforts to find a publisher.
  • My goal is to get published in India and reach an audience of young and LGBT readers and writers with an affordable paperback.  My latest fantasy:  have my story made into a Netflix series in India as well!  It’s full of very contemporary issues:  caste-related violence, police corruption, LGBT rights, and women’s freedoms.  

Send comments- freely!  And stay well!


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