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Follow up to the Garden Video…

This is the blossom of the Cannonball Tree!


Yesterday I posted a recent home made slideshow set to Indian music.  Just found the lyrics to the song in the slideshow:  Beloved by Anoushka Shankar, daughter of Ravi Shankar.  At first blush, the lyrics sound like a sensual human love song.  But in this case, let’s take it as a love song to God.  That’s what I feel when I walk through the Palangi Native Garden!

Beloved   by Anousha Shankar

Yes I want you
And I need you
The angel just passed me by, oh!
I feel like I could change inside
I feel like I can change inside
Breeze flicker through my mind
Feel your body close on mine
Inside you
Looking down below
See the love flow
Then the love go
What is love’s time
Can we ever know?
Electricity blossoms
Sparks in my mind
Then I glow for a while
And I’m gone!
I feel like I could love tonight
I feel like I can love tonight
Wings flutter moon bright
Close my eyes real tight
And find you
Looking down below
See the life grow
Then the life blow
In a lifetime
Can we really know?
My head in the clouds an my
Feet on the ground
Spinning out of the dream
And I’m gone!

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