Cynthia Dettman:  Author

Gay Marriage in India?

We didn’t think gay marriage would happen in the US, and it has!  Now I’m delighted to read in today’s news that a gay couple in India have married and filed a lawsuit challenging Indian marriage laws.  They argue that the non-recognition of LGBT marriages violates the same fundamental rights that Section 377, the notorious Victorian-era law thrown out in 2018 by the Indian Supreme Court, violated.  Those rights are the rights to privacy and liberty.

Indian activists are relying on the courts to both change the laws, help to raise public consciousness, and slowly create cultural change.

Nikesh Pushkaran and Sonu MS married themselves in a temple in 2018.  May their case rise successfully to the Indian Supreme Court, and may the Court rule as the US Supreme Court ruled in 2015.  Read about them here.  The couple looks very happy!  LGBT marriages must be recognized, whether some people agree or not!

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