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Gay Men = a new Bollywood movie!

Bollywood is making progress!  The last gay-themed movie I reviewed was all about the parents, not the lesbian couple.  This is of course an important story- the focus was on the need for parents to love their children, regardless of their sexuality.  But the lesbian reality was rather invisible.  We saw the two women, both VERY beautiful and feminine, together briefly, and we saw them (wait, hold your breath!) HOLDING HANDS at the end of the film!!!

Soon to be released, however, is a film about two gay men and according to the trailer, THEY KISS in front of people, including the film audience!  And there’s a song about the DISEASE OF HOMOPHOBIA!  Bollywood seems to be making some progress.  This is so important for cultural change in India.  The film industry has a huge impact on the collective consciousness here.

Check out the trailer. Make sure you check the box for closed caption, as the film is in Hindi but you can see English subtitles.   I’ll do my best to see the film when it’s released in India- hopefully it will be on Netflix soon!




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