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help me raise funds to hire editors!

Wow, generous donors have already donated almost $800 to my new GoFundMe campaign.  Please consider joining us  to help me with editing expenses for my LBGT-themed novel set in modern South India.  Grapple with layers of violence related to gender, caste, sexual orientation, and domestic servitude.  Cheer for my protagonists, Satyam and Pahti, as they find their voices, stand up to oppression, and push for change.  Donate big or small to My GoFundMe Campaign.

Getting a book ready for publication is expensive but the costs are necessary!  Currently the draft is in the hands of an American editor to get feedback on plot and character. Next, I’m looking to hire an Indian editor who knows modern South Indian culture and can vet this story for any signs of stereotyping, cultural inaccuracy, or implausibility.  I’m getting close!

Check out the details in my campaign page. Forward the link to others who might be interested in a story about India.  Perhaps you have friends who love South Asia, or who are feminists, queer, or human rights activists. Please help me spread the word- put it on your Facebook page- tell your friends!  And if they start following this blog, there could be free books in the offing!

Thanks for your generosity in reading this post. Even $5 for my campaign will mean a lot to me.  Encouragement is always welcome to complete this daunting, complex and exciting project.  Thanks in advance!  Cynthia

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