Cynthia Dettman:  Author

India has thousands of unemployed college graduates and educated professionals

Have several college degrees?  Several masters or law degrees?  It doesn’t matter in India, there’s a good chance you are unemployed.  India’s vast education system churns out millions of educated young people.  But the jobs aren’t there.

My novel’s protagonist is a 23 year old law student.  She is NOT studying at one of the National Law Universities, which are the premier law schools in India. Those schools are producing top notch students ready for global jobs in both the corporate and government worlds.  Satyam does attend a good, competitive school in Tamilnadu, the Tamilnadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University. (The students in the above 2020 photo are  students there.)

Will it be easy for these law graduates to find jobs?   Listen to this recent NPR report from Uttar Pradesh.

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