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Indian right-wing censorship is alive and well!

The movie Kaali (by Canada-based Indian artist Meena Mekalai) has caught major flak in India because it “offends” the sensibilities of India’s government and other right-wing Hindus.  The goddess Kaali is depicted in modern ways and they don’t like it!  So now the artist suffers all sorts of threats of murder and rape online.

This follows the ban of the BBC movie about the history of President Modi, which hurt his feelings.  The movie accurately depicts Modi’s state leadership in Gujarat and his complicity with Hindu nationalist violence agianst Muslims there.

Apparently Hindus and government leaders have very thin skins.  It would seem that all his hoopla would actually bring unwanted attention to their oppression of the news and art media, but it plays to the “base”.  Hmm, sound familiar to Americans?

BBC movie banned 

Kaali film attacked


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