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Indian Women’s Goals

It was fascinating to chat with young women the other day at the law school Pongal celebration- although they were decked out in their colorful saris for the occasion rather than the usual black and white uniforms and perhaps more interested in the celebration, they were happy to talk about their professional goals.

This pair, both in the master’s (LLM) program,  had interesting answers to my questions:  The Muslim woman said she wanted to be a magistrate and thought she would be a good judge.  The second woman wants to practice law in the field of intellectual property.

This next group were friends from the second year five-year program class- in other words, they are likely 18 or 19 years old.  Perhaps they had influenced each other?  All said they wanted to practice family law.  One young woman said she liked this idea because it was about their real lives, it was practical.


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