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LGBT literature is growing in India

There are clear signs that the 2018 Supreme Court decision decriminalizing homosexuality in India has had a powerful effect on society.  Not that there are huge cultural changes, but there is movement at least on the fringes and in urban areas in literature, art, and the media.

From a literary site quoting gay readers:

“Today, LGBT literary makers and readers alike agree that literature representing the LGBT community in India is making strides. “There is interest in creating new content targeted towards LGBT consumers, but in the regular books and movies, there has been very little change in how LGBT characters are represented,” Juneja points out. She urges publishers and content creators to embrace the changes and evolve with them. “Don’t limit us and slot us in one box or category. LGBT stories don’t have to only be a genre on its own, but can intersect with so many other [forms of] literature,” she says.

Akansha also hopes that the 2018 decriminalization will encourage more publishers and content creators to explore characters that reflect South Asian queer identities. “Unfortunately, when we talk to my generation, a lot of our information and understanding of sexuality comes from the American pop culture that we’ve been raised on,” she says. “It is always a welcome and refreshing change watching characters that we can relate to and, in many ways, help the movement that is still fighting for social acceptance….

Despite the Indian publishing industry’s significant growth since the height of the freedom struggle in the 1920s — it’s now the sixth-largest literary market in the world, according to a survey released in 2015 — publishers have largely been wary of books by, for, or about the LGBTQ community.”

I do plan to seek publication of my novel in India.  I may be an odd duck- but hopefully Indian publishers will be interested in an LGBT-themed novel by an American, as long as it’s well written and authentic.



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