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My Final Report

For those who are interested in Student Centered Learning in Indian colleges, you may want to read my (rather critical but also hopeful) Fulbright Final Report.  This has been shared with Indian faculty and administrators at the colleges where I offered trainings in 2017 and 2018.  This report contains recommendations for future implementation.  Thanks again to all the wonderful staff, faculty and administrators who supported my classroom democracy work!

Final Report- C Dettman Fulbright Scholar


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An impressive and comprehensive report on this project. Cynthia Dettman has demonstrated unusual insight both into the opportunities afforded to women enrolled in Indian colleges and into some of the problems they may encounter as proponents of Student Centered Learning. Ms Dettman’s first-hand knowledge of Tamil language and culture is one of the unique qualities that she brings to bear throughout this project. Willingness to enter into this relatively new educational trend is a tribute both to the students and to the Institutions that have become increasingly open to critical thinking in recent decades. Ms. Dettman’s willingness to return to India to reinforce her goals and to follow up with students is also commendable.

Thanks for the glowing compliments, Bob! It was such an interesting project- I wish there were more resources for Indian colleges to continue this effort to democratize and enliven the college classroom! Cynthia

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