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“Put a Woman in Charge”

Thanks to my friend Christine for forwarding this Keb Mo/Roseanne Cash music video entitled “Put a Woman in Charge”.

It’s time!  Women are rising up all over the world to speak for children and future generations.  Although women leaders can be just as conservative, competitive and ruthless as male leaders, I agree that women in general are more concerned with nurturance, justice, collaboration, equality and the climate.  Women give birth.  Women think about the planet and life for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Look at young Greta from Sweden, speaking to corporate leaders about climate change.  The young women are rising up!

We’ve seen some bad women leaders, certainly!  But let’s elect good ones- like the new Congresswomen in Washington DC- like Elizabeth Warren!  May she be the future US President.  In my humble opinion.  How about yours?

Put a Women in Charge!


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I’ve had increasing confidence in Elizabeth Warren….. not just because she’s a woman but because she is calm and cool and collected….. and intelligent… whenever she speaks about crucial issues that continue to affect the American people (all of us) and the World. Of course, one reason for my support is that I am convinced Elizabeth Warren can and will stand up to Donald Trump and put him in the ‘places’ he deserves to be. Her competence and ability to articulate her positions with strength and clarity and urgency far surpass Donald Trump’s oratory… which seems to remain at kindergarten level… sometimes below. Her problem-solving ability, however, is her strongest point, and I believe she is the best candidate to take on mind-boggling problems that we face within our country and in the World today.

I agree, Elizabeth Warren can kick ass. She’s amazing. Let’s see what happens over the next months – including Iowa right now! Warren has amazing energy and intelligence. Cynthia

Yes, in general, woman tend to be more nurturing and empathetic, but watch out for people (men and women) that confuse assertiveness with authoritarianism.

I agree, men and women both can be authoritarian. Look at some of the scary women of the world- Margaret Thatcher; Indira Gandhi (later in life); etc. And men can be nurturing and soft, like you, Tomas. Thank goodness for good men like you! Cynthia

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