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Rapper 3TK- maybe a modern Gandhi would like him!

3CK (William)  is a rapper and former missionary kid!  From William’s Facebook page:

William also known as 3CK, was born in Goshen Indiana and was raised there until he was 8 years old. At that point he and his family left all their belongings to move to Senegal, West Africa for missionary work. It was there that he spent a couple of his most influential years of development. Immersed in Senegalese culture, William began picking up some of the native language and spent most of his days on the sandy streets playing soccer with Senegalese children. Third Culture Kid, is a term that has been used to describe the phenomena that occurs when a child assimilates two different cultures resulting in his own third culture. William’s stage name, 3CK, is meant to reflect the reality of his own life. After moving back to the USA he began to develop a passion for culture. Williams’s lyrics reflect his counter cultural life style that contradicts much of mainstream Hip-hop. He wrote his first rap in 2005 while in India, since then he has had the opportunity to share his music on many stages to a wide variety of listeners. In 2007 he released his first solo album (Inspiration), and since then has released 3 more solo albums (Daily Process, Puddles, and MetaphorCity) along with some collaborative works. William’s music is often complemented as being “true to life”, “inspiring”, and “humorous”. His cross-cultural view on life continuously inspires original and thought provoking music.

Here’s his excellent rap called Eyes of Denial, about how privileged white kids in developing countries are affected, or not, by the poverty and injustice they see.


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