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Resources for Student Centered Learning

I produced a handbook for Indian faculty in 2018 providing lots of tips and activities to help them practice “Student Centered” teaching in the classroom.  Here’s what I posted for their benefit.

SCL Handbook 2017 (FINAL)

Friends, please feel free to use this Student Centered Learning (SCL) Handbook (link below) to help you engage your students more actively in the classroom.  You may print and use any portions of this manual.  Chapters I-II contain a theoretical overview.  Chapters III-IV provide a variety of strategies to prepare your classroom and your students for SCL.  The heart of the manual, Chapter V, contains 23 specific, detailed activities you might employ in and out of your classroom to engage students more fully in their learning.  Chapters VI and VII address student centered evaluation and strategies to transform your institution’s teaching culture towards a more student centered approach.  Finally, Appendices A-F include a variety of resources such as engaging student leaders in the classroom and training students for effective team work.

Please do send comments as you review and use this Handbook.  It’s a work in progress and I value feedback!  You may comment here or email me at


SCL Handbook 2017 (FINAL)

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