Cynthia Dettman:  Author

Resources for Trainers

Agenda and Powerpoint for One Day Training

(Use these materials for a one-day only training)

Day One SCL Training for Trainers

Powerpoint:  One Day SCL Training

Handouts for One Day Training below

Agenda and Powerpoint for Two Day Training

(Use these materials for a two-day training)

Agenda for Two Day SCL Training

Day 2 SCL Training for Trainers

Handouts for Second day of Training Below

Training Handouts for Trainers

Day One Training Handouts

SCL Activities (twelve SCL activities to use in Jigsaw Puzzle Activity during training)

classroom guidelines (sample of behavior guidelines developed by students)

SAMPLE LESSON PLAN (an example of an SCL-based lesson plan)

LESSON PLAN FORMAT (a blank form faculty can use to write a lesson plan)


Day Two Training Handouts

Generic Questions to Stimulate Critical Thinking  (another SCL Activities for Day #2 SCL Jigsaw Activity)

Preparing Students for SCL  (another SCL Activities for Day #2 SCL Jigsaw Activity)

Student to Student Interview (in-depth interview on social and educational struggles)

Student to Student Interviews (optional handout if you want to use three different                                                                       kinds of student-student interviews)

Recommendations For SCL (a blank form for faculty to plan and make recommendations for SCL in their classroom and within their institutions)

Using Interactive Technology in the Classroom

More  SCL Training Activities

100 Games and Icebreakers

SCL Demonstration- Teamwork skills  Demonstration Related to Teamwork

Role Play with the Administration   Speaking to your Administration about SCL

SCL Demonstration- Class Guidelines  Student-Created Class Guidelines

SCL Demonstration Fishbowl Students Discuss SCL

Civil Debate     Students Learn Listening, Critical Thinking and Civil Debating Skills


A video of interviews with faculty and students about SCL