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South Asians, including LGBT folks, write about their time in the Obama White House

Gautam Raghavan, a married gay Indian man, worked as Obama’s liaison to both the LGBT and Asian communities.  He’s recently published a book of stories about his experience and other Asian staffers in the Obama White House.  I love the photo at the end of this article with Mr. Raghavan, his husband, and his parents speaking to Obama in the Oval Office.  I wish all Indian parents were as open and loving as Mr. Raghavan’s parents.  Take note, Indian parents- this could also be you, and your successful gay or lesbian child!

 I wish Mr. Trump was busy doing the same, reaching out and supporting diverse communities.

Here’s an article about Raghavan’s book.




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Wonderful! This is such a refreshing and optimistic overview… and an excellent article. Thanks so much, Cynthia.

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