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The Lessons of Auschwitz

Here’s a very moving segment from yesterday’s PBS News Hour about the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, a major Nazi death camp in Germany.  The message is so clear:  hatred of groups of people, discrimination, religious and cultural and racial intolerance, all end in death and destruction.

How many Jews were killed by the Nazis?  6 million

What about gay men?  100,000 gay men were arrested by the Nazis, forced to wear the pink triangle, and between 5,000 and 15,000 were placed in concentration camps. Of those men, 65% were killed.

How many died during India’s Partition?  One million died and 15 million were displaced as Muslims fled to Pakistan, and Hindus and Sikhs headed in the opposite direction

How many Palestinians have been killed in their homelands?  7,065 in the last 20 years

How many Tutsis died in the Rwandan genocide?  500,900

How many Uighurs are being held in “re-education” camps in China?  1 million

Let us never forget.  In the US.  In China.  In India.  In Europe.  Everywhere.





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Good points to remember… it does continue, in different counties. Mankind doesn’t seem to learn from mistakes, doomed to repeat them continuously. Very sad.

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