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Trans Man and Trans Woman get Married in West Bengal

The dynamics of transgendered people and marriage in India is fascinating.  A gay or lesbian couple can’t marry.  But if one transitions to the other gender, they can marry under the secular marriage laws.  In this case from West Bengal, both marriage partners were transgendered.  They explain in articulate language about their love and relationship.

It’s likely that the right to LGBT marriage will move to the forefront in India, following in the footsteps of other liberal Supreme Court decisions that have affirmed a variety of “fundamental rights” under the Indian constitution.  These progressive legal decisions are critical to the movement for LGBT rights.  As we know in the US, however, law doesn’t guarantee cultural change.  These changes seem to require a good and perfect storm of law, media coverage, and grassroots activism.



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Fascinating, the man becomes a woman and the woman becomes a man, and then they unite. Man and woman become one. Balance is everything!

Hi Cindy. I am wondering if you are still in India or if you managed to get home? I know they are not flying anywhere now. Just stay safe wherever you are!!! Love to you from us. Louise

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