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Why I want to write a novel involving “honor killing”

Watch this chilling documentary about the 2016 murder of a young Dalit (low-caste) boy and attempted murder of his higher caste wife-  by her own family.  The murder was committed in broad daylight and captured on CCTV.  India’s caste system is still alive and well, and kept in place by prohibitions against inter-caste marriage.  The young woman, Kausalya, has become an activist, living under police protection, working to bring awareness to the violence of the caste system.  Her father and several accomplices have been convicted and sentenced to death- her mother and uncle were set free.  Kausalya is appealing the release of her mother.  I hope I can contribute in some small way to Kausalya’s work by writing a novel that demonstrates the powerful forces that act against women’s freedom and that reinforce the cruelties of the caste system.  Scroll to the end of this article to find the video.

Kausalya and Shankar


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